Trip to Ohio University
April 2009

And a merry time was had by all

In April 2009, the Burley Young Women's Chorus, also known at the Burley Bearettes, traveled to Ohio University in Athens.  The ensemble observed and worked with the "Singing Men of Ohio" and the faculty of Ohio University's school of music.  The trip was part of a collaboration between the director of the Singing Men, Dr. Peter Jarjisian, and the director of the Bearettes, Mr. Craig Jennings.  The men once again proved themselves consummate gentlemen, and the women made music far in advance of their years.  

Cierra, Tess, Ellie, Shannon, and Lexi

Mr. J

Cierra and Tess

 The Bearettes

The women observe a performance by the University Women's Chorale

The  men rehearsing on stage... in Big Block Chords and Close Harmonies

Kristen and Miranda preparing their solos.  Dr. Jarjisian is on the djembe.

 Dr. Jarjisian presents an OU piggybank to Mr. Jennings.  The girls have named the bank "Kyle."

 Mr. Jennings directs the combined ensembles.

 Lexi, Kristen, and Layna

Sarah and Leah

Leah and Lexi