Real reviews of the Burley Bears Men's Chorus

These are really real.  We mean it.  Honest.

"Hearing them sing is like eating bacon" - Billy Batson, Los Angeles Times


"It was like drinking vinegar, but without the joy" - Cal Ripken, famous athlete


"Stop calling me.  I mean it!" -  Simon Cowell, famous (and kind of jerky) critic

"To my heart I must be true.  Nothin' left.  Nothin' left for me to do" - Sandy, famous wide-eyed innocent

"I'm a sparkly, emo vampire, and I must say I rather fancy this group." - Edward Cullen, famous sparkly emo vampire

"Thank you, thank you very much" - Elvis Presley, famous dead guy or is he?


"I wish I was just like their director.  My life is terrible compared to his." - Tom Brady, NFL Superstar

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