Director Biography

Mr. Craig Jennings is the director of the Bearettes Young Women's Chorus.  He has been the choral director at Burley Middle School since August 1998.  Mr. Jennings received his undergraduate training at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, studying under Walter Chesnut, E. Wayne Abercrombie, Charles Heffernan, Thom Hannum, and others. He received his graduate instruction at Virginia Commonwealth University.  His master's project is entitled "Creating and Nurturing a Middle School Women's Ensemble.  He has served as the guest conductor for the VMEA District XIII Women's High School and the District VIII mixed middle school choirs, the interim director for the University of Virginia Women's Chorus, and as a section leader and member of the executive board of the Virginia Consort Vocal Ensemble.

He has been an active instructor, clinician, arranger, and performer in Central Virginia for two decades, and is continuing to endeavor to expand his expertise on behalf of the young women. Mr. Jennings is overjoyed to serve as the director of the Bearettes; he views the ensemble as "everything that is right with kids today."