Burley New York City Spring Trip Update

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Sunday, April 26, 7:00 PM

No Bearettes or Honor Choir rehearsal Monday or Tuesday.

Please be sure to attend school!

Chaperones: Thank you for your incredible support these past four days. Your uncountable kindnesses on behalf of the kids made this trip special!

Sunday, April 26, 1:00 PM


We expect to be in at 4:00 PM.  See you there!


Saturday, April 25, 10:00 PM

The day began with a tour of the Meadowlands Sports Complex which included time on the field at Giants' Stadium!  We then traveled to Medieval Times, where we found out our results from the festival.  I'll post those below.  For those who are familiar:  my curse at Medieval Times is alive and well, as our knight was eliminated in the third round. (weep, weep)

Unfortunately, heavy traffic and a tight schedule forced us to cut the visit to the Brooklyn Bridge.  I am proud of the kids' positive reaction to the disappointing news- they are real troopers!  

We made sure we drove past the World Trade Center site so the kids could pay their respects.  The current traffic pattern did not allow us to stop and disembark, but we were able to pass by twice.  You would be proud of the solemn, reflective attitudes of the kids.

We then traveled to South Street Seaport, where the kids enjoyed some shopping, but due to a clerical mix-up found our dinner vouchers locked in an office!  Pizzeria Uno's came to the rescue and miraculously made enough authentic New York City pizza to feed the horde!

The New York Harbor cruise was the stuff of lifetime memories.  Beautiful weather, historic narrative, beautiful landmarks, and great, great kids.  

See you tomorrow!  We're aiming for a 5:30 PM arrival at Burley; please do not park in the bus loop!




The Bearettes in performance on Friday.




Ellis Island







Emma and Siena




 Lady Liberty




 What a beautiful city!

Music Festivals 2009

New York City

April 24, 2009


Middle School Mixed Chorus

Jackson P. Burley Middle School

1st Place

Rating: Excellent

Outstanding soloist awards:

Tara Skeen

Julia Rivera


Middle School Women's Chorus

Jackson P. Burley Middle School

1st Place

Rating: Superior

Outstanding section award:



Saturday, April 25, 12:40 AM

What a day!  The students had a very convincing performance at Pequannock High School, followed by lunch, a tour of Carnegie Hall (what a gorgeous facility), a walk past Central Park, and a visit to Times Square.  Dinner at Applebees, then Blue Man Group.  7th grader Peyton C. was brought on stage and was made part of the act!  Rockefeller Center was breathtakingly beautiful.  The view was clear and the temperature not too cold.  As a matter of fact, we had amazing weather today.

 Tomorrow: a tour of the Meadowlands Sports Complex, Medieval Times (with the announcement of results and awards), the Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport, and the New York Harbor Cruise.

Sorry the update is so late; we have had a very, very full day! 

Friday, April 24, 6:45 AM

The kids had a great time at Mount Fuji Japanese Steak House last night, followed by a dynamite clinic with performer Julie Reyburn.  They sang, she sang, questions and answers, and looks of stunned disbelief when she showed them her high school yearbook (Julie and I graduated high school together).

Today, performance competition, Ground Zero, Carnegie Hall, Times Square, Blue Man Group, and Rockefeller Center! We'll be gone all day, but I'll try to update tonight.  Thanks for checking in.  


Thursday, April 23, 4:30 PM

We're here!  The kids are checked in to the hotel; things are going relatively smoothly.  They're freshening up and are preparing for dinner and the clinic with Julie Reyburn!



Hi folks!  Please check in here for updates.  Please be patient!  It may be that the first time I'll have a chance to update this page will be when we get to the hotel this evening.  I will do my best to update at least once a day.

  Thank you for your support!