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Remember, for the video:

  1. Download the recording
  2. Choose a well-lit area
  3. Use the camera app on your laptop or phone
  4. Be sure to use and listen to the Bearettes recording while you are making your video. This is very important for timing!
  5. Be sure to be an actress! You don't have to simply move your mouth. Facial expression counts for a lot!
  6. You can make more than one video - I will use all of the materials that I have!
  7. Upload the video to your student Google drive and share it with me
  8. Try to have this done ASAP! 


Soprano 1 - all sopranos

Soprano 2 - all sopranos, all mezzos

Alto 1 - all altos, all mezzos

Alto 2 - all altos

Oh, Shenandoah





Vocal 1

Vocal 2

Vocal 3

Vocal 4

Vocal 5


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